• Platform for the Russian-speaking community in Scandinavia
    There are about 5,000 people in our community. Join us!
  • Members of Nash MeetUp
    The professional network Nash MeetUp consists of different people: there are entrepreneurs and freelancers, government employees and employees of commercial enterprises. We work in banking, IT, construction, education and medicine, the transport industry and the entertainment industry. Some of us were born in Scandinavia, others have lived here for 20 years, and some are planning to move here.

About the project

Nash MeetUp is a non-profit organization (Organisation number: 802525-5459) and platform for the Russian-speaking community, who lives in Scandinavia.

Our mission is to create a professional network and help people with integration into Scandinavian professional society. We want to educate, motivate, and open new opportunities. We want to help each other become more successful!

О проекте

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